Friday, December 1, 2023

Shiloh Eye Shadow for Winteria Hunt - Dec 1-31


🔥 The Winteria Hunt is a grid-wide hunt that goes from DEC 1- DEC 31

💎 You can find this Shiloh eye shadow in 5 sets by looking for the blue gems hidden around the store*.  25L each


🔗Full Gallery:

🎯 Hints-

A. If you're looking for this prize, you might get some luck granted from the crystals of Embersil.

B. Holding on to this one for dear life....which this guy is all out of.

C. He may be a chonk, but he's not lazy when it comes to hiding the shiny prizes

D. If you need some help finding this one, just ask Chloe.

E. One of the Hexmas elves must have mistook this one for an ornament.

⚠️* For those that don't enjoy hunting: After the event, the full set will be added to the store - but finding the sets in the gems does make it cheaper.