Monday, December 4, 2023

Sleipnir's Sleigh: 12 days of gifts


Come to the mainstore each day from Dec 20 through Dec 31 for a new gift each day. There will be a new release available for free to [HEXUMBRA] subscribers for 24 hours. After that initial 24 hours, the release will be available for 50L during the event. Items will be added to the store at full price when the event ends. 


Happy Hexmas! 

As an extra bonus, each day of the event we'll offer a little info about some old yuletide traditions and origins of the winter holidays. 


"Sleip-who? Why'd you call it that?" 

Christmas, as we know it socially these days has become such a vibrant melting pot of traditions and origins. Some of the traditional winter holiday nostalgia we enjoy in our culture comes from a myriad of influences and many have pagan roots. The old nordic yule lore really resonates with how we celebrate, so we wanted to share that with all of you. Sleipnir was Odin's eight legged horse and was said to pull his sleigh as he led the wild hunt, but also as he delivered gifts as what many consider the OG gift-giving big guy, and really inspired much of what we think of as Santa's "lore" today. Sleipnir's 8 legs is even possibly why we think of Santa's sleigh being pulled by 8 reindeer. (rudolph came later XD) 

Basically we just named it that because it resonated with us, and called to our spooky witchy core. 

"Do I need a group to get the gifts?" 

Nope. To get the new release while it is free you will need to join the HxU subscriber list, but no group slot is needed for that. Plus being part of the HxU coven as a subscriber means staying up to date on what we have going on with exclusive gifts that you can only get delivered through the list, plus tons of free stuff in the store. 

After the 24hrs is up, the next release will debut and the previous item will go up for sale. 
All products will be full price on Jan 3rd

"Do I need to be a subscriber to get the new releases once they go on sale for 50L?" 

No. When they go on sale, it will be on the wall behind the tree. You can just demo and pay like any other vendor in the store. When the event is over the products will join the rest in the store. 

"What are the gifts?" 

The gifts are brand new releases of full products debuting as gifts for their first 24 hours during our Sleipnir's Sleigh event at the mainstore. You can check at the store each day to see what item is being released.