Friday, September 29, 2023

October Blogger of the Month


It's that time again; time to announce Blogger of the Month...

Congrats to Cecilia, our resident scream queen herself, for being our October BOTM! 

I gotta say, she feels like a pretty fitting choice for October. 

Cecilia is one of the HxU blogger team OGs and it's been so awesome to see her grow and develop in her unique style. I'm constantly inspired by, and so proud of her. Every time I see she's taken something to blog, I wait with baited breath to see her take on it. Her talent and versatility is just mind bending and I just really enjoy watching how she's evolved. 

I love having you on our team, Ceci, and look forward to all the creativity to come. 

Go check out her stuff. There's so much more than I could include in this and it's all a great collection of tricks and how better to kick off October? 




The new subscriber gift for October is named in her honor and I *tried* to capture just a sliver of her iconic style and vibe with the vibrant colors and snatched wing liner...oh, and "pulling a face"  in the poster to pay homage to the unique way she uses dynamic expressions to create a story in her photos!